Peloponnese RES activity to be revived by 900-MW boost

Two prospective electricity line projects being developed in the Peloponnese, one stretching from Megalopoli to Patras, the other from Megalopoli to Corinth, promise to reinvigorate renewable energy growth in the region following seven years of stagnancy caused by network saturation.

The Megalopoli-Patras line is set to be completed in March, while the Megalopoli-Corinth connection is being pushed forward for a swifter-than-planned delivery next year.

The two projects will increase the Peloponnese network’s absorption safety limit to 2,310 MW from the current limit of 1,900 MW.

RES units with a total capacity of 1,400 MW currently operate in the area, meaning the higher limit will offer capacity for a further 900 MW in solar and wind energy projects, as well as other RES technologies, including hydropower, biogas and biomass.

It remains unclear if the additional 900-MW capacity will cover old and new RES investment demand.

Power grid operator IPTO and distribution network operator DEDDIE/HEDNO have prepared a common list of investment plans for which connection term applications submitted by investors in the past have remained stalled as a result of network saturation. Investors behind these plans have indicated they remain interested and willing to develop projects amid the current market conditions.

Projects on this common list represent approximately 775 MW of the network’s additional 900-MW capacity to be offered.

IPTO has already begun offering connection terms, giving date-based priority. DEDDIE/HEDNO will follow suit within the next few days.