Operator identifies 4 issues after latest snowstorm lessons

Distribution network operator DEDDIE/HEDNO has identified four areas requiring action following its battle, last week, to restore power supply in many areas impacted by a heavy snowstorm, whose effects were particularly felt in the northeastern section of the wider Athens area.

A more aggressive tree-cutting policy, in cases posing a threat to power lines, is one of the four necessary moves named by the operator, who had recently cleared trees close to grid infrastructure in 18 parts of the wider Athens area prior to last week’s extreme weather system.

The operator was only given authority recently, on December 23, to cut trees deemed to pose a threat to the grid.

The operator also believes its telecommunication system requires a further upgrade, while also pointing out the need for better coordination between municipal and regional authorities, as well as the notable absence of real-time monitoring and swift identification of trouble spots, which would have been possible had smart meters been installed to households around the country.

Outages that lasted as long as several days for thousands of households would have been limited to just a few hours had smart meters replaced conventional power meters still being used in Greece.

DEDDIE/HEDNO announced a new tender in mid-December for the procurement and installation of digital power meters and related systems around the country after its previous tender, launched several years ago, was eventually brought to a standstill as a result of legal battles between rival bidders.