Operator DEDDIE must also pay for electricity theft cost, suppliers insist

The country’s independent electricity suppliers want DEDDIE/HEDNO, the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator, to shoulder at least part of the resulting cost of electricity theft and grid leakage, contending the operator carries responsibility for the problem.

Independent suppliers regard the electricity theft and grid leakage-related  amounts they are responsible for covering as unfair and disproportionate. Amounts paid by suppliers are determined by their respective market shares.

The level of electricity theft in Greece has fallen for the first time in five years, new data has shown, meaning electricity suppliers can expect to be charged less for the financial repercussions of these system leakages. Even so, suppliers insist the operator should also take on part of the burden.

The Greek market’s total cost of electricity theft is expected to fall to approximately 60 million euros per year from 80 million euros, new data has indicated.

Independent electricity suppliers argue they cannot incorporate their electricity theft and grid leakage costs into tariffs as a result of the main power utility PPC’s overaggressive pricing policy.