Officials face time pressure for launch of RES licensing system

The energy ministry is pushing to launch a faster and simpler RES licensing procedure for renewable energy producers by June, when a new three-month licensing cycle begins, but it remains unclear if a digital registry needed for the new system will be ready on time.

The energy ministry is currently preparing a draft bill intended to replace the current RES production licensing procedure – requiring the submission of applications to RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, for processing and issuance – with registration on a digital platform for instant certification, if all prerequisites are met.

Officials are looking at constructing an initial platform as a temporary solution that would cover a transitional period before eventually delivering the full-scale system.

A second, even more crucial, challenge faced by officials concerns the enormous accumulation of RES license applications submitted to RAE over previous periods. These applications, numbering thousands, represent a capacity of nearly 28 GW.

RAE will continue using the old processing system to work its way through these applications, sources informed.