No changes to RES, energy storage grid injection limit plan

The energy ministry has completed work on a ministerial decision designed to restrict injections into the grid by new RES and energy storage units and plans to sign it off within the next few days as the matter is one of the energy sector’s pending issues the ministry wants to have settled ahead of the May 21 legislative election.

According to sources, formulas proposed by power grid operator IPTO and distribution network operator DEDDIE/HEDNO have been maintained for the ministerial decision.

The ministry’s decision to impose grid injection restrictions was taken in order to make optimal use of available electrical capacity in the transmission and distribution system and ultimately maximize the number of green-energy power plants.

According to the legislative revision, the energy injection restrictions will not be able to exceed 5 percent of the respective annual capacities of units subject to the limit.

The measure will apply to all RES plants under development and possessing finalized connection offers, as well as to green-energy projects for which connection requests have been submitted to either DEDDIE/HEDNO or IPTO. Batteries will also be subject to the injection restriction, regardless of whether they have been incorporated into RES systems or not.