Distribution costs ‘too high’ for mid-voltage industrial consumers

EVIKEN, the Association of Industrial Energy Consumers, anticipating upcoming revisions to network distribution costs for consumers within the next couple of months, has forwarded a letter to RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, calling for a reduction of these charges imposed on major industrial consumers belonging to the mid-voltage category.

The association contends that the current network distribution costs for this group of consumers are disproportionately high.

Current network distribution charges are calculated according to a formula set ten years ago. It needs to be updated by January to reflect the grid’s actual conditions.

EVIKEN, in its letter, has proposed the establishment of a new category that would group together major mid-voltage industrial consumers who use over 13,000 MWh per year and high-voltage consumers sharing equivalent consumer profiles. The intention of this proposal is to subject both groups to equal distribution costs, as is the case with RES-supporting ETMEAR and public service YKO surcharges.