Ministry preparing updated, more ambitious NECP draft

The energy ministry is preparing a Brussels-bound draft of an updated National Energy and Climate Plan to include more ambitious RES and energy savings targets, based on loftier goals agreed to by the EU, energypress sources have informed.

The ministry intends to soon forward its draft of Greece’s revised NECP to the European Commission for any observations and resulting adjustments. The resulting updated version of the NECP will then be presented for consultation.

Greece’s revised NECP will include a higher RES target, lifted to 42.5 percent of total energy consumed, the new European target, which is above a previous target of 40 percent but below a 45 percent target that had been overwhelmingly approved in European Parliament.

The country’s updated NECP will also include an energy savings target of 11.7 percent, the European goal that was eventually agreed to following negotiations to raise a previous goal of 9 percent to 14 percent and a European Parliament vote proposing a 13 percent target.