New prioritization formula for RES projects in the making

The energy ministry is examining and preparing the details of a new formula to prioritize RES investor applications for power grid operator IPTO’s binding connection terms concerning new projects and, by extension, grid capacity reservations.

RES project prioritization is expected to be determined by the appraisal of various factors, including financial credibility and technical competence of investors, as well as their commercial operation plans for RES units.

The ministry intends to deliver a related ministerial decision as soon as a draft bill for a second round of RES licensing simplification measures and an energy-storage framework has been ratified in parliament. This draft bill has already been submitted to parliament.

A ministerial decision on the RES project prioritization formula is expected in the first week of July.

The RES project prioritization list to result from the application of the new formula will concern applications submitted from the beginning of 2021 until now.