Ministry likely to sign ‘disruption plan’ next week

Despite being granted EU approval in early November, a “disruption management” plan whose implementation will enable energy cost savings for major-scale industry in exchange for a reduction in energy consumption whenever required by the system operator, has yet to be granted local ministerial approval. According to sources, this is most likely to occur next week.

The delay has been attributed to various uncompleted details, including the nature of agreements to be made with IPTO, the Independent Power Transmission Operator.

Officials at the Environment, Energy & Climate Change Ministry have noted they are seeking to implement the “disruption management” plan with absolute precision, as stipulated by the European Commission, to avoid any unpleasant surprises in the future. Negotiations with the EU’s executive body on the plan lasted two years.

Based on previous reports, the plan will involve monthly auctions and savings of 15 euros per MW for each participating company. It is believed that particpants will not be able to make offers for cut-off amounts of less than five MW.

Based on the plan, the operator will know, in advance, the level of cut-off amounts to be offered by each participating industrial company.