Ministry increases value of energy cost support measures

Energy minister Kostas Skrekas has announced energy cost support measures for November and December that more than double the value of preceding subsidies concerning electricity bills in October, as well as support measures for households using natural gas and industries supplied medium-voltage electricity.

The government’s overall support package in response to the energy crisis is now worth over 620 million euros.

Households consuming electricity amounts of up to 300 KWh per four-month period stand to receive monthly subsidy support worth 39 euros for November and December.

A previously announced subsidy plan for household electricity consumption covering October will remain unchanged, offering households 18 euros per month.

Low-income households already receiving subsidies through the country’s social residential tariff (KOT) account will be offered increased subsidies in November and December worth 45 euros per month, up from the current level of 24 euros per month.

As for households using natural gas, payment of regulated charges concerning the distribution network will be suspended for November and December. Households with consumption levels of two thermal units stand to save between 20 and 40 euros per month.