Ministerial decision on small wind generators postponed

Procedures for a specialized program concerning the development of small wind generators, up to 50kW, have yet to begin, despite a June 30 deadline that had been set for a ministerial decision intended to offer solutions for pending legal issues regarding the installation of small wind generators.

According to information obtained by Energypress, the ministerial decision will not be issued for another six to eight months, at best, as the research work needed ahead of the decision has yet to be commissioned. The plan entails commissioning a private-sector firm for the research work to be financed through the National Strategic Reference Framework, or ESPA.

Meanwhile, investment activity in the small wind generators sector has halted to a standstill despite the strong investment and commercial interest that has been expressed. In many cases, significant outlays have already been made.

The first upgrade of legislation concerning small wind generators was made with the law 3851/2010. Provisions for the specialized program for development of small wind generators are included in paragraph 1 of article 4 in the law 4203/2013.

According to this provision – which sets a deadline for a ministerial decision by June 30, 2014 – the specialized program will deal with pending legal issues regarding the installation of small wind generators, as well as financial incentives.