Ministerial plan for new RES auctions framework this week

The publication of a first ministerial decision, expected this week, for RES auctions under a new support framework, recently approved by the European Commission, will specify, amongst other things, individual competition procedures for prospective PV and wind farms, determined by their respective capacities.

The ministerial decision will also ensure that other RES technologies can continue securing non-auction tariffs, and, in addition, specify respective capacities for each of these sectors, which, if achieved, will lead to auctioned tariffs for these technologies.

According to information obtained by energypress, the new RES framework will provide special auctions for small-scale PV and wind energy units, as well as joint auctions for wind and PV facilities equipped with energy storage systems.

As for large-scale PV and wind energy units – over 1 MW and 6 MW respectively – mixed auctions with different starting prices are planned.

A second ministerial decision, anticipated in the new year and to pave the way for RES auctions under the new framework, will specify the total capacity to be auctioned each year, the number of auctions in a year, as well as their timetable.