RES special account surplus forecast for next August

The country’s renewable energy sources (RES) special account is expected to achieve a surplus figure as of August, 2015, according to the latest update from LAGIE, Greece’s Electricity Market Operator.

The operator’s report forecast that the RES special account will show a surplus of 6.62 million euro in August next year, while 2015 will end with a surplus of 48.92 million euro.

As for 2016, LAGIE forecasts that the RES special account will widen to 100.4 million euro in the month of June of that year.

Returning to the present, the RES special account’s deficit was reduced to 191.99 million euro in July, from 218.75 million euro in June, and 221.07 million in May. The operator noted that it expects the RES special account to be reduced to 166.14 million euro by the end of 2014.

The operator also provided installed capacity figures for the entire country, through July, 2014. Overall capacity, according to the LAGIE figures, remained steady for most renewable energy source sub-categories, except wind-energy and photovoltaic facilities, where slight changes were registered.

In July, the capacity figures showed that the wind-energy sector totaled 1,916 MW, ground-mounted photovoltaic facilities reached 2,214 MW, rooftop photovoltaic systems were at 374 MW, small hydropower plants had a capacity of 220 MW, biomass-biogas capacity was at 47 MW, and combined heat and power (CHP) capacity was 229 MW.

As for the same month’s electricity production, by category, the wind-energy sub-sector generated 264 GWh, ground-mounted photovoltaic systems produced 370 GWh, rooftop photovoltaic systems registered 54 GWh, small hydropower plants produced 39 GWh, biomass-biogas units produced 17 GHh, and CHP units generated 102 GWh.