Roof-mounted solar system subsidy program from March 8

The scheduling details of a subsidy program for roof-mounted solar panels are close to being finalized with an opening date for applications by interested parties expected to be set within the first ten-day period of March, probably March 8.

Authorities are aiming for the installation of approximately 250,000 photovoltaic systems by households, farmers and small and medium-sized enterprises, while greatest possible priority is expected to be given to applicants also intending to attach batteries to these systems.

The subsidy program, to offer 350 million euros for roof-mounted solar panel installations with batteries, will cover as much as 60 percent of the investment cost.

Authorities expect some 80,000 of 250,000 applications in total to combine roof-mounted solar panel installations with batteries.

At least 100,000 households are expected to receive subsidy support for roof-mounted solar panel installations, while program applicants from the farming and small and medium-sized enterprise categories should each total 75,000.

Officials aim to deliver a preliminary announcement of the subsidy program’s guidelines from early February onwards.