Cars being provided lower-cost heating LNG, risking damage

LNG refuelling stations supplying the auto sector are engaged in illegal activities that risk causing damage to vehicles and are also depriving the state of tax revenues, local daily To Ethnos has reported.

LNG auto stations are boosting their profit capacities through two means, one of these being replacement of auto LNG, priced at close to 0.65 euro per liter, with heating LNG, a lower-cost fuel currently selling for roughly 0.50 euro per liter.

Experts have warned drivers to be on high alert as this practice could cause various damages to their vehicles.

The other illegal practice being resorted to by station owners entails providing smaller-than-indicated amounts of LNG to cars as a result of tampered with pumps. Some stations are believed to be pumping out about ten percent less than is indicated on their pump meters.

Certain sources contended that pre-set pumps, fixed to supply less LNG than shown on their meters, are readily available in the market.

Based on current law, LNG refueling station owners are not obliged to install “inflow-outflow” monitoring systems. They have been installed at petrol stations, supplier facilities and refineries in an effort to clamp down on illicit fuel trade.