Lenders to refocus on DEPA split from gas supply firms

The country’s lenders are set to retable a demand calling for the withdrawal of DEPA, the Public Gas Corporation, from urban natural gas supply networks, especially its involvement in the EPA supply firms.

According to energypress sources, European Commission officials taking part in energy-sctor talks as part of the negotiations aiming to conclude the bailout’s second review will demand a time frame detailing DEPA’s withdrawal from natural gas supply activities as part of a wider package of gas market reforms.

The DEPA issue had been focused on at the beginning of talks concerning the ongoing second review of the Greek bailout but was put on hold when it was decided to introduce a road map by autumn this year.

Requiring approval by KYSOIP, the Government Council for Economic Policy, this road map is expected to determine all revisions that will need to be made by 2020 in order to achieve two objectives. The first is to fully liberalize Greece’s natural gas market and generate vibrant competition. The other aim is to help broaden the use of natural gas and expand the distribution network to more regions around the country.

These gas market revisions were placed aside for months as the lenders and Greek government officials focused on electricity market reforms, such as the NOME auctions and a plan to sell PPC production units.

Energypress sources informed that the gas sector issues will be retackled with the return of the lenders to Athens tomorrow for the resumption of negotiations concerning the second review. It is now several months behind schedule.