Lafazanis: The creditors are engaging in “open blackmail”

Addressing SYRIZA’s Central Committee meeting on Sunday, Productive Reconstruction Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis accused Greece’s creditors of “the harshest, open blackmail” in their handling of the negotiations with the Greek government.

The head of SYRIZA’s Left Platform, Lafazanis strongly criticised the European officials and said the “smiles conceal the reality”. He called for an agreement that was in line with SYRIZA’s programme, saying the voters had asked for the abolition of the memorandums and that the creditors’ goal was a breakdown in the talks and to “exterminate the government and the country.”
In this case, Lafazanis added, the government needed an alternative plan and to counterattack. He also expressed opposition to privatisations on ideological grounds, saying they would not help to reduce fiscal deficits.
He said the government needed a plan in case it was unable to pay its creditors and in this framework must start to prepare the people about what may happen next.