Island wind-energy investors complain of unlawful output cuts

Enterprises operating wind-energy parks on the non-interconnected islands have submitted official complaints to RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, against HEDNO, the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator, claiming the latter is resorting to non-transparent practices that lead to excessive cuts of available electricity output.

HEDNO has responded by contending these cuts are necessary when it is deemed that conditions of grid instability threaten to affect the network as a result of inconsistent yields provided by wind-energy parks.

However, wind-energy park entrepreneurs counter that their investments are being unnecessarily degraded by these cuts, executed without warning, as they ultimately lead to subdued revenues.

Certain officials, in comments to energypress, claimed the situation could be a deliberate ploy intended to benefit PPC, the main power utility.

PPC generates high-cost electricity on the non-interconnected islands using local fuel and mazut-powered units. Critics argue that the practices ultimately increase public service compensation (YKO) surcharges that appear on electricity bills, added primarily to fund electricity generation on the islands.

RAE has yet to respond to the issue.