IPTO looks to utilize battery storage system, island pilot project explored

Power grid operator IPTO is looking to utilize large-capacity batteries, a rapidly developing technology, to improve its network stability and performance.

The installation of a battery as a centralized energy storage unit on one of the interconnected islands is being explored by the operator as a pilot project, sources informed.

An island and the battery’s capacity have yet to be determined but a pilot project will soon be launched, the sources said.

This technology’s potential, any drawbacks, cost and benefits will all be assessed during the pilot project.

IPTO does not intend to use energy storage systems to sell electricity to the grid, but the operator could end up being compensated for providing back-up services.

The pilot project’s storage system installation may be made within 2020, sources said.

IPTO appears open to partnerships with other companies. Initial talks on the matter are believed to have been held with at least one energy company.