IPTO confident of energy sufficiency this coming summer

Greek power grid operator IPTO, contrary to officials in other parts of Europe fearing drought periods will affect their electricity sufficiency, is confident current local conditions are favorable enough to get the country through the high-demand summer season.

Reservoir water levels at Greek power utility PPC’s hydropower facilities have just about been maintained at last year’s levels, more RES units have been connected to the grid this year than ever before, while the country’s lignite stocks are also currently high, at three million tons, following a concerted energy-crisis effort made since last year.

In addition, Greece’s grid is set to be reinforced, within the next couple of months, by the addition of two new power stations – a Mytilineos group unit and PPC’s Ptolemaida V – to offer an extra generation capacity of 1,500 MW.

Reservoir water levels at PPC’s hydropower plants currently offer 2,720 MW and are expected, over the next few days, to rise to 2,850 MW, levels recorded last year, primarily as a result of increased flow at northern Greece’s Haliacmon river.