International Energy Exhibition of Greece staged successfully

The inauguration of the International Energy Exhibition of Greece was successfully completed at 5th Cretan Energy Conferences 8-10 July in Crete. Under the auspices of Ministry of Environment & Energy, Ministry of Maritime affairs & Island Policy, Ministry of Infrastructure & Transport and the support of Region of Crete and the attendance of international companies, academics and institutes.
The event was inaugurated with a combination of culture and energy, with the Ariadne thread giving the baton to innovation. Entities from all spectrum of energy sector had the chance to communicate both physically and by distance, to exchange views and compose new perspectives. Among the numerous topics, there was particular interest at the hydrogen topic where international challenges were expressed along with developmental opportunities, the formulation of national strategy and the importance of the hydrogen usage in the local infrastructure of Crete.
Material from the content of the International Energy Exhibition of Greece will be available in our website and our Youtube channel.