Independent suppliers nearing 12% share of retail market

The country’s independent electricity suppliers increased their retail electricity market share by 1.76 percent in September, to 11.39 percent from 10.17 percent in August, according to an official monthly report just released.

The market share held by main power utility PPC slipped further to 88.07 percent from 89.83 percent in August, according to LAGIE, the Electricity Market Operator. The utility’s 88.07 percent share is comprised of 56.45 percent in the low voltage category, 17.8 percent in the medium voltage category and 13.82 percent in the high voltage catagory.

PPC’s latest contraction brings the utility just 0.83 percent away from the 87.24 percent market share objective set for the end of 2016, which pundits agree is achievable. The arrival of NOME auctions, whose launch is scheduled for October 25 with 460 MW/h to be offered to suppliers, is expected to further impact PPC’s market share decline.

The NOME auctions are intended to provide third parties with access to PPC’s low-cost lignite and hydropower sources as a measure to help break the utility’s market dominance.

According to the bailout agreement, PPC needs to reduce its market share to less than 50 percent by 2020. Intermediate objectives of 75.24 percent in December, 2017 and 62.24 percent in December, 2018, as well as a 49.24 percent target by December, 2019 have been set.

As for the independent suppliers, Heron currently leads the pack with a 3.14 percent market share, 0.79 percent of this representing low voltage and 2.35 percent in medium voltage.

Protergia follows with 2.98 percent (0.73 percent low voltage, 2.24 percent in medium voltage and 0.01 percent in high voltage).

Elpedison is next with a 2.52 percent overall market share (1.05 percent low voltage, 1.46 percent medium voltage, and 0.02 percent high voltage).

NRG Trading is ranked fourth among the independent suppliers with a 0.94 percent market share (0.22 percent low voltage and 0.72 percent medium voltage).

Volterra follows with a 0.73 percent share, all in the medium voltage category.

Watt + Volt is next with 0.64 percent (0.55 percent low voltage and 0.1 percent medium voltage).

Green completes the list with 0.52 percent (0.24 percent low voltage and 0.29 percent medium voltage).