IMF: We don’t see Grexit as a possible outcome

The International Monetary Fund said it expects to be “fully engaged” with whatever government is elected in Greece, and does not expect Athens to leave the euro zone. “We do not see ΄Grexit΄ as a possible outcome” of Greece΄s election, IMF spokesman Bill Murray told reporters on Thursday, referring to a Greek ΄exit΄ from the currency bloc.

In relation to the post-election procedure, the IMF representative in Athens will attempt a meeting with the new Govt and if that fails, the IMF’s stance will be similar to the Hungary case. That is, take a step back and wait for the Greek Govt to change its stance and request the commencement of the review process or request the termination of the program. According to the same source, the IMF will request the continuation of the negotiations and the conclusion of the sixth review, irrespective of the elections outcome.