IEA report, positive, calls for faster RES licensing procedures

A latest International Energy Agency report on Greece, published today, calls for swifter licensing procedures concerning new RES projects, while also noting that any new investments in gas infrastructure will need to focus on fully meeting supply security requirements.

The report, examining Greece’s energy transition progress from 2017 to the present, commends the country’s green-energy performance but notes more work is needed.

Greece has made positive progress in reducing carbon use and reforming energy markets, but needs to do more to develop renewables and promote energy efficiency, IEA noted in an announcement concerning the report.

The IEA report praises Greece’s ambitious targets for a greener energy mix through installations of RES technologies, also planned to include offshore wind farms, and also commends initiatives taken to develop new power grid interconnections with neighboring countries.

These grid interconnections will, on the one hand, enable any excess green energy generation to be exported, while, on the other hand, diversify the country’s supply sources, it notes.

The report also makes extensive reference to initiatives taken by Greece to modernize its electricity and gas markets.