IEA conducting in-depth review of Greek energy sector

A two-day International Energy Agency (IEA) meeting, aiming to conduct an in-depth review (IDR) of the Greek energy sector’s current conditions, begins in Paris today.

Energy minister Giorgos Stathakis and the IEA’s executive director Fatih Birol had discussed the details included on this two-day meeting’s agenda in Greece last February.

The energy sectors of countries are subject to in-depth reviews by the IEA every five years.

The Greek delegation taking part in the Paris meeting is headed by the energy ministry’s secretary general Mihalis Veriopoulos. Other energy ministry officials have joined him.

As part of its in-depth review, the IEA is examining Greece’s energy sector policies, including the country’s effort to minimize the sector’s environmental impact. Subsequently, the agency is focusing on the renewable energy sector and energy efficiency policies as part of its Greek review.

Last February, while in Greece, Birol, the IEA chief, had declared that the agency is prepared to continue contributing to the reshaping of Greece’s energy sector. Birol expressed a willingness to provide his own experience and utilize practices that have been applied successfully in other countries.

Stathakis, Greece’s energy minister, and Birol will have an opportunity to further discuss matters concerning the country’s energy sector at an IEA ministerial meeting scheduled for November.