HEDNO awards 53 grid projects worth 334m euros

HEDNO, the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator, has awarded project contracts worth a total of 334 million euros to a number of construction companies, including partnerships, for work on the electricity network in various parts of the country.

The companies will undertake a total of 53 projects on the grid following a decision reached by the HEDNO board at a company meeting held several days ago, local business news portal Euro2day reported. The operator had launched a tender for the projects last July.

The companies awarded projects are: Aktor, Athoniki Techniki, Domotechniki, Elter, Elyros, Evinta, GAK, Kappa Techniki-Michanodimiki, Kataskevi, Metka, Michanodomiki-Domika, SHS, Siamkas-EVIEK, Tes, Toxotis, and Trikat.