Green ups effort to boost market share with new campaign and call center

Green, one of a number of electricity suppliers seeking to capture an increased share of Greece’s changing electricity market, is planning to intensify its overall effort through the establishment of a new dynamic call center, launch of its first promotional campaign, and reinforcement of the company sales department.

The company is mainly focusing its campaign on businesses and professionals, as it believes it holds a comparative advantage over rivals in these sectors.

Green plans to launch a new subsidiary firm to operate its new call center.

Green’s two top officials, Hristos Vasiliou and Dimitris Bakoulis, told energypress that, based on the latest annual price levels for the local market, published just days ago by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, their enterprise is offering the most favorable deals for yet another year.

Green currently holds a 0.3 percent share of the Greek retail electricity market and has experienced a rising growth rate over the past few months.

According to sources, Green plans to soon complete acquisitions of exisiting renewable energy source facilities in the wind-energy and photovoltaic sectors.