Greek-TAP consortium sides agree on need for regular contact

The Greek government and the TAP (Trans Adriatic Pipeline) consortium share common objectives and have agreed to maintain a regular flow of communication for the project’s progress, Production Reconstruction, Environment and Energy Minister Panayiotis Lafazanis pointed out following a meeting yesterday with TAP Managing Director Ian Bradshaw.

Both officials stressed that continual contact between Greek and TAP officials was vital for the project’s progress, while also agreeing that development of the TAP project, to transmit Azeri gas to Europe via Greece, will benefit both Greece and the wider region.

During the meeting between Lafazanis and Bradshaw, the TAP official offered the Greek minister a general update while also providing details on expropriation amounts, which have apparently been well received by local communities and, especially, farmers.

The TAP official also underlined the positive climate between the consortium and Greek professional associations, including chambers of commerce, which is facilitating the participation of local companies in tender procedures.

Bradshaw also updated the Greek minister on matters concerning the consortium’s social responsibility strategy being developed and to be implemented in close association with communities located along the pipeline project’s route.

The two officials had held a first round of talks about a month ago in Baku, where a South Stream conference was held. Lafazanis had requested a series of TAP term revisions offering greater benefits to Greece, including lower natural gas prices and improved transmission fees compensating Greece for the pipeline’s crossing through Greek territory.

The TAP consortium has pointed out that it is not responsible for the project’s natural gas pricing policy, noting this would need to be discussed with Azeri suppliers. Also, transmission fee issues are handled by the energy committee in Brussels, Greek officials have been told.

It is believed that both sides agreed during yesterday’s meeting for Greece’s Production Reconstruction, Environment and Energy Ministry to prepare a renewed list of proposals for improved TAP terms.