Greek, Cypriot, Israeli common climate change action discussed

Greek, Cypriot and Israeli officials making up a working group on climate change, a front being tackled by all three countries in unison, will convene today for a meeting at the Greek energy ministry.

As part of a strategic decision made by all three countries, Greece, Cyprus and Israel are coordinating their efforts and taking joint action in various fields, including climate change, prompting three-way meetings on a regular basis.

Approximately twelve climate change experts, as well as officials and representatives of the three countries are expected to take part in today’s working group.

The framework concerning common climate change action being taken by the three countries is detailed in a joint declaration of intent for environmental issues, signed last April by the energy ministers of Greece, Cyprus and Israel.

Issues to be addressed at today’s meeting include assessements of where the three countries stand in terms of respective knowhow on climate change adjustment planning, while the establishment of a prospective central observatory to monitor climate change and administer adjustments will also be discussed.

Subjects to be discussed at forthcoming meetings include defining specific fields of cooperation and establishing water resource impact models.

Greece, Cyprus and Israel decided to stage today’s meeting last December during a three-way meeting in Israel involving the environment ministers of all three countries.