Greece won’t roll back completed privatizations

Greece΄s reform proposals include a promise not to roll back any ongoing or completed privatizations and to improve the management of its public finances, according to a list submitted by the Greek government.

As Wall Street Journal says, Greece also pledged to fight corruption, smuggling, and tax evasion, remove barriers to competition, and cut government spending, for example by slashing its number of ministries from 16 to 10.

Concerning the recent rise in poverty in Greece, the proposal–seen by The Wall Street Journal–said the government will “ensure that its fight against the humanitarian crisis has no negative fiscal effect.”

A European Commission official said earlier Tuesday that the list of proposals on how to overhaul the country΄s economy appears to be in line with the principles set out by eurozone finance ministers, putting Athens one step closer to securing a four-month extension to its expiring bailout.