Athens promoting domestic RES equipment production

The government is promoting support programs for Greek production of RES-sector equipment, from batteries to energy storage systems, production and assembly of solar panels, as well as equipment concerning the hydrogen and electromobility sectors, energy minister Kostas Skrekas revealed to energypress in a wide-ranging interview held as part of the recent Power & Gas Forum in Athens.

In the interview, given to energypress editor-in-chief Thodoris Panagoulis and Capital’s managing editor Haris Floudopoulos, the minister, amongst other things, referred to the finalization of the National Energy and Climate Plan, which, he stressed, will be set within a more realistic framework, based on respective adjustments at European level.

Skrekas also referred extensively to developments in the retail and wholesale electricity markets, noting the supply code must be changed. He also pointed out the government’s imminent support to energy-intensive industry through a program promoting self-production and energy storage.

The minister highlighted the government’s emphasis on green energy, noting Greece, for the first time, has a RES-sector advantage over European countries of the north and must utilize the country’s ample sunshine to the benefit of household and professional energy consumers.

“The strategy we have developed over the past three years, and for going forward, is about the rapid penetration of renewables in our energy mix. Of course, in order to achieve this, reforms were needed and many steps still need to be taken,” the minister noted, adding further development of RES units and storage, as well as networks, must be addressed to reach a point where all energy consumed is derived from renewables.

Greece is playing a leading renewables role on many fronts, the minister said, making note of the country’s greater licensing speed, highlighted by doubled installed RES capacity within three to four years, from 5-5.5 GW in 2018 to over 10 GW in 2022, which, he added, has resulted in doubled electricity generation from renewable sources.