Gas orders through collective EU platform to be discussed

An energy ministry meeting scheduled for tomorrow will focus on a European platform introduced to facilitate collective natural gas orders next winter, the session’s objective being to determine gas quantities Greek market players would be prepared to order through this platform, promising collective-bargaining benefits expected to result through deals struck between the EU and international suppliers.

Tomorrow’s meeting, organized by the energy ministry, will involve the participation of the country’s four electricity producers, gas company DEPA Commercial, as well as industrial-sector officials.

A key objective of this new European platform will be to prevent competition between EU member states in international markets for natural gas orders, a consequence of the reduction in Russian gas supply to Europe that has escalated prices.

EU energy ministers approved the European platform for collective gas orders in mid-December.

EU member states equipped with gas storage facilities will be required to place gas orders – though the new collective platform – representing at least 15 percent of their respective gas demand when refilling storage facilities for next winter.

The European Commission has set an objective for EU gas storage facilities to be 90 percent full by next November.

At present, Greece does not possess gas storage facilities. Domestic market players may place orders through the new platform on a voluntary basis.