Gaps, ambiguities in national energy and climate plan, association notes

The National Energy and Climate Plan until 2030 is marred by gaps and ambiguities according to ESAI/HAIPP, the Hellenic Association of Independent Power Producers, which took part in a public consultation procedure for the plan.

According to ESAI, the national plan needs to carry a dual objective which, on the one hand, must direct the country towards the attainment of EU objectives for greenhouse gas reductions, increased energy efficiency, and RES penetration of the energy mix, and, on the other, transform the national economy’s energy and environment sector into a key catalyst for high growth rates over the next few years, ESAI has pointed out.

The national energy and climate plan presents no change in electricity demand in 2030, compared to current levels, but, at the same time, projects a 30 percent GDP increase between 2016 and 2030 and a 7 percent energy consumption increase during this period, ESAI noted among its observations.