PPC bailout reforms ‘do not include sale of power stations’

The sale of power stations is not included among the alternatives being examined by main power utility PPC in an effort to meet bailout agreement demands, the corporation has announced in response to various reports, noting that such a move “does not serve any needs.”

As for the grid’s transmission networks, PPC noted that the proposal forwarded by the government to the country’s lenders aims to keep these facilities under the power utility’s control.

“The adjustment of PPC’s strategy is being governed by serious developments in the EU’s electricity market, which are being accelerated in our country based on the content of the bailout agreement,” PPC announced. “Within this context, a comprehensive and coherent plan for IPTO (power grid operator) has been processed and forwarded by the government to the lender institutions, according to which the fixed assets remain part of PPC, which is necessary.”