Standalone batteries auction sooner; RRF time constraints

An inaugural auction offering capacities for standalone batteries will take place by early July, at the very latest, leaving investors with about half the time they had anticipated to prepare.

The first auction, according to a ministerial decision published in the government gazette, is scheduled to take place between three to four weeks after RAAEY, the Regulatory Authority for Waste, Energy and Water, officially announces the session, far sooner than a period of six to eight weeks originally stated in a draft of the plan. RAAEY’s announcement is expected early in June.

This halved preparatory period for participants resulted from Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) time constraints. This facility will offer successful bidders a sum of 200 million euros in subsidy support for their standalone battery installations.

According to the RRF deadlines, the first wave of RES projects with standalone batteries ought to have secured their tariffs by the end of June, which puts the overall procedure slightly behind schedule with no time to waste.