EWG to make positive recommendation for conclusion of Greek programme review

The EuroWorking Group (ΕWG), that will convene on Monday in Brussels, is expected to make a positive recommendation to the Finance Ministers of the eurozone for the conclusion of the first programme review.

After the voting of the omnibus bill in the Greek parliament, the EWG is expected to officially confirm the agreement at technical level between Greece and the institutions. According to sources, the European Commission will submit the “draft” compliance report to the EWG. The “final” compliance report will be submitted after the Eurogroup.

The Eurogroup on Tuesday is expected to ratify the conclusion of the programme review and give the green light for the disbursement of, according to sources, 9-11 billion euro tranche.

The economic staff of the eurozone Finance ministries are also expected to discuss Greece’s debt settlement based on the proposals of the European Support Mechanism (ESM).