EVIKEN reacts to law barring industry from NOME auctions

EVIKEN, the Association of Industrial Energy Consumers, in a letter forwarded to the Greek government, has strongly protested against a decision that excludes industrial units from taking part in the upcoming NOME auctions. The association is also expected to take the matter to the country’s international creditors.

The NOME auctions, due to begin in September, will provide third parties with access to main power utility PPC’s low-cost lignite and hydropower sources as part of the bailout-related obligations intended to break the utility’s dominance.

In its letter to the government, EVIKEN contends that recent legislation’s exclusion of industrial units holding electricity supply permits from NOME auctions creates unfair competition in the electricity market. The law provides regulatory intervention that prevents fair trade practices, the association argues.

In the same letter, EVIKEN notes that the NOME-related objectives of reducing PPC’s market dominance cannot be achieved if industrial units are not offered access to the auctions without restrictions.

Major industrial enterprises such as cement producer Titan already hold electricity supply permits, while others, including copper, aluminum and cable producer Viohalko and textile company Epilektos, soon expected their permits to be issued.

A wider reaction from industries can be expected if the NOME participation restrictions imposed are not lifted.