EU’s RES goals need ‘measures, major grid, storage investment’

European Commission REPower EU targets aiming for additional RES capacities of 510 GW in wind energy and 592 GW in solar energy by 2030 cannot be achieved without a new framework of measures and incentives supporting PPAs and ambitious investments for network upgrades and energy storage installations, a new report by sector association Eurelectric, representing the common interests of the electricity industry at a European level, has highlighted.

Highlighting the extent of the effort needed, the Eurelectric report notes that, compared to the sum of installed EU capacities in 2020 – 175 GW for wind energy and 100 GW for solar energy – wind energy installations must increase by 191 percent and solar energy installations need to grow by 492 percent if the 2030 targets are to be achieved.

The Eurelectric report, a proposal focused on market design the European Commission ought to adopt to ensure the continent’s green-energy RES targets are met, was presented in Brussels just days ago. It was delivered as the association’s contribution to consultation staged by the European Commission for a new market design in the EU.