Europe tackling crisis with lower tax rates, subsidies, reimbursements

EU member states are resorting to a variety of solutions, namely lower energy tax rates, subsidies and reimbursements, to offer some relief to households and enterprises pressured by the energy crisis, a latest report published by HEPI (Household Energy Price Index) has highlighted.

The Greek government has opted to ease the impact of the energy crisis on consumers by subsidizing electricity.

In Austria, the government has decided to zero out a carbon tax on electricity bills. Cyprus has reduced its VAT rate on electricity bills to 9 percent from 19 percent for a three-month period, beginning last November.

Elsewhere, the Low Countries have significantly reduced energy taxes. Poland has slashed its VAT rate for electricity bills to 5 percent from 23 percent and removed a special consumption tax for electricity. Spain, too, has reduced its taxes on electricity bills.

In Norway, consumers are being partially compensated if electricity prices exceed certain levels.