EU team to soon inspect RES growth, support mechanisms

A team of officials representing the European Court of Auditors is expected in Athens on March 5 for an inspection of the country’s RES development and role of support mechanisms.

The ECA inspection team will focus on a period covering 2009 to the present in an effort to determine the level of effectiveness of support provided by the EU for wind and solar generated electricity.

Greece is one of four EU member states to be examined, the others being Germany, Spain and Poland.

In Greece, ECA officials will meet with energy ministry and RES sector authorities, while a sample of projects will be examined for RES support mechanism effectiveness.

The visiting officials will seek to determine whether current European and national strategic planning for the RES sector is furthering wind and solar electricity generation. They will also look for any legal and institutional uncertainties that could be affecting investment activity. The ECA team will also be checking to see if existing RES support mechanisms and financing solutions are adapting to market conditions so as to prevent excessive subsidies or increased risk for investors.

The audit reports for all four countries are expected to be published early in 2019.