ESCP stages successful gas and renewables roundtable

The ESCP Europe Business School and its Research Center for Energy Management (RCEM) recently held a successful roundtable event on gas and renewables at the school’s Paris campus.

The event brought together top energy experts, researchers and students from other programs who all shared the latest developments on the key drivers for energy demand and supply, the implications of the recent COP21 summit for the energy sector, as well as analyses on what the future holds for gas as a transition fuel in the new energy landscape.

Dr. Kostas Andriosopoulos, Director of the RCEM at the ESCP Europe Business School, welcomed participants and delivered the opening remarks.

Speakers included Laurence Gouet, Vice President Strategy, Gas, TOTAL SA; Helene Baudoin, Director of External Relations, Gas Chain, ENGIE; Costanza Jacazio, Senior Gas Analyst, International Energy Agency (IEA): Lucie Roux, Senior Specialist, European Gas, Platts & Graduate of the Executive Master in Energy Management, 2012; Jean-Pascal Tranie, President, Aloe Private Equity; Bozena Cosser, Director PM, Power & Energy, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Graduate of the Executive MBA, 2014; Xi Yao, Strategy Manager, Centralized Generation of Electricity, Gas, ENGIE and Graduate of the Master in Management, 2006; and Anthony Livanios, CEO, US Energy Stream.