ELTA, focusing on energy, to convert fleet to natural gas

ELTA (Hellenic Post) is placing particular emphasis on energy-related issues as it goes about developing its corporate strategy for the future.

Following an announcement several months ago of its ambitious plan to enter the retail electricity market, which would further utilize the company’s extensive retail network around the country, ELTA is now also preparing to convert all its company vehicles so that they may run on natural gas, according to energypress sources. ELTA maintains a fleet numbering many hundreds of vehicles.

Also, ELTA plans to begin supplying its fleet with natural gas from its company-owned refueling stations.

In addition, ELTA and ELPE (Hellenic Petroleum) have, according to sources, reached an agreement to begin offering ELTA postal services at petrol stations operated by ELPE. Customers will be able to receive and send mail and packages at these stations.