Energy poverty plan, worth €2.1bn, for affected households

An energy ministry action plan for 2021 to 2030 intended to tackle energy poverty, includes funding programs worth a total of 2.1 billion euros that promise long-term support to vulnerable households by improving energy efficiency and promoting the use of RES options at homes.

The plan, forwarded for public consultation last Friday, is expected to benefit approximately 300,000 low-income households.

The plan envisions subsidies covering up to 80 percent of energy efficiency upgrades for affected households as well as RES system installations covering their energy needs.

The action plan’s section supporting energy efficiency upgrades will be combined with the existing Saving at Home program, now into its third edition.

In the EU, households are deemed to be below the energy poverty line if their energy costs needed to maintain an adequate level of warmth exceed 10 percent of income.