Bill for pending prior actions, energy included, set for parliament

The government is preparing a package of approximately 20 prior actions, some of which concern the energy sector, still needed to conclude the bailout’s second review, for a bill to soon undergo fast-track parliamentary approval ahead of a Eurogroup meeting of EU finance ministers, scheduled for June 15.

The energy-sector prior actions include a privatization relaunch for DESFA, the natural gas grid operator; finance bolstering measures for the main power utility PPC; as well a commitment for a grid capacity study to be conducted by IPTO, the power grid operator, which is expected by the European Commission.

According to government sources, this wide-spanning bill could be submitted to parliament tomorrow. Labor law and social security reforms will be included.

The government was hoping to satisfy demands by the country’s creditors for the labor and social security domains through ministerial decisions so as to avoid friction in parliament and ensuing political fallout. But the lenders insisted on parliamentary ratification.

Leading officials of the Syriza-led coalition have been constantly updating party-affiliated MPs on the developments in the lead-up to the bill’s submission to parliament.