Energean Oil & Gas now employing 94 Kavala tech college graduates

Energean Oil & Gas has recruited 94 graduates to date from the Kavala TEI technical college, Greece’s only educational institution offering Oil and Natural Gas studies, a highly-ranked corporate group official noted at an event marking the launch of the college’s new academic year.

The official, Dimitris Gontikas, deputy chief and managing director at Energean’s subsidiary firm Kavala Oil, noted that four graduates from the Kavala educational institution have already been hired for Energean’s new drilling program being developed in the Prinos area.

Gontikas, who spoke at the event on behalf of Energean, announced that two post-graduate scholarships would be financed by the company, while a further five Kavala technical college students will be offered practical training programs once they have graduated at the end of the academic year.

Energean Oil & Gas and the technical college in the northern Greek provincial city of Kavala, whose wider region is the focus of ongoing hydrocarbons exploration and production work by the corporation, share long-running and expanding ties.

To date, Energean Oil & Gas has provided 60-hour practical training programs for 102 students from the Kavala-based technical college. The corporation has also provided the college with laboratory equipment; oil and and gas samples for laboratory testing by students; set specialized subjects, as part of the institution’s curriculum, for research and technology development concerning the oil and gas industry; organized educational day-trips for students to Energean’s offshore oil rigs in the Prinos area as well as onshore facilities in Nea Karvali; and offered six post-graduate scholarships during the academic years 2012-2013 and 2013-2014.

“Energean Oil & Gas has, for many years, actively supported the commendable efforts made by the Kavala technical college and attaches great importance to the development of new scientific personnel that will research and develop the hydrocarbons sector in Greece,” Gontikas remarked.

The official also made note of the current work being conducted by Energean in the Kavala area, upcoming projects in Katakolo, western Peloponnese, and Ioannina, northwestern Greece, the employment prospects being generated by Energean, and, by extension, its support offered to the national economy. “Afterall, collaboration between educational institutions and corporations has been internationally proven to be an important factor in effectively guiding career paths and tackling unemployment,” Gontikas noted.

On the strength of its ongoing exchange with the Kavala technical college, Energean has been nominated for this year’s “Cooperation between Corporations and Educational Institutions” prize at the Bravo Sustainability Awards, whose voting procedures are in progress and will be completed on October 15.  http://bravo.sustainablegreece2020.com/gr/voting-by-organization/energea…