Energean begins preliminary hydrocarbon survey in Ioannina area

Energean Oil & Gas has begun preliminary hydrocarbon survey work on a block it has been granted exploration and exploitation rights to, through a tender, in the Ioannina area, northwestern Greece.

A scientific team of geologists and geophysicists began conducting seismic survey work over the past few days in selected areas as a preliminary step towards determining the most appropriate spots for drilling.

The preliminary work has so far entailed collecting oil samples from areas such as those of Dragopsa and Baousii, to be sent to specialized laboratories, both in Greece and abroad, for analysis.

Once weather conditions further improve as the spring season sets it, the research team will also begin conducting additional tests, including high-precision aeromagnetic surveys, which are expected to provide valuable subterranean information on the wider area as a guide for prospective drilling.

Greek university labs will also be involved in Energean Oil & Gas’s overall effort in the area. The company was granted exploration and exploitation rights for a block in the Ioannina area last October.