ELTA preparing to launch its electricity market entry

The official launch of ELTA’s (Hellenic Post) campaign to accompany its entry into Greece’s retail electricity market is now just a matter of weeks, possibly days, away, according to energypress sources.

ELTA’s board has already examined and endorsed the pricing policy to be pursued by the company, while the information system to be installed at the firm’s branches has been tested.

A team of 200 ELTA staff members has received in-depth training on the electricity market. This personnel will head the electricity departments at ELTA’s branches, which, besides postal and money transfer services, will now also offer electricity supply packages.

ELTA’s promotional campaign is expected to begin in earnest as soon as the installation of the company’s new information system has been completed.

According to the ELTA business plan, a 15-MWh electricity package acquired by the company at the inaugural NOME auction last October is expected to cover the new electricity market arrival’s development needs over the next seven months.

Sources have informed that ELTA’s electricity supply offers will be competitive compared to the main power utility PPC’s terms. The ELTA offer will not incorporate discounts as incentives for each billing period, as is the case at PPC. However, clients are expected to be financially rewarded for longer-term punctuality.

As the preliminary stage of its electricity market entry, ELTA is already supplying its own retail network of roughly 640 branches. As the next step, the company will seek to lure its own employees and retired staff members. Further ahead, ELTA also plans to launch campaigns targeted at the wider electricity market as part of its objective to play an instrumental role in the liberalized energy market.