ELPE looking to acquire 100 MW in RES units within 2019

Hellenic Petroleum (ELPE) intends to add renewable energy units with a total capacity of 100 MW to its portfolio by the end of this year and a further 100 MW in 2020, as part of the petroleum group’s energy transformation policy.

Finalized agreements for RES unit acquisitions have yet to be reached. However, at least two projects, a solar energy unit and a wind energy facility, are currently being seriously considered by ELPE officials, energypress sources informed. Related announcements over the next few days have not been ruled out.

ELPE is believed to be targeting RES units that reflect the group’s profile and needs, meaning prospective acquisitions will need to be of considerable capacity and at an advanced stage of development or already operating. Units meeting these criteria would have a meaningful impact on the corporate group’s results.