April power usage falls 3.11%, down for 11th month in a row

Electricity usage in Greece fell for an eleventh successive month in April, down by 3.11 percent compared to the equivalent month a year earlier, a latest monthly report by power grid operator IPTO has shown.

Electricity usage over the eleven-month period fell by 15.09 percent, a record drop for such a time span, the operator noted.

The contraction in demand has been attributed to two factors, the efforts by consumers, small and large-scale, to restrict electricity expenses, as well as mild weather conditions.

Households and low and mid-voltage businesses reduced their electricity usage by 2.8 percent in April, while energy-intensive industries cut back on consumption by 6.4 percent.

Over the year’s first four-month period, overall electricity demand fell by 9 percent, the IPTO report showed.