Edil Hellas seeking gas distribution license for two areas in north

Edil Hellas, a technical projects firm established in 1985 in northern Greece, has applied for a gas distribution license to serve disconnected parts of northern Greece.

If the application is approved by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Edil Hellas would emerge as Greece’s first privately run gas distributor.

Edil Hellas has requested permission to set up a CNG station for supply to a distribution network intended to reach household and business consumers as well as small-scale producers in the Grevena and Kilkis areas.

Until now, Edil Hellas has been active in the development of technical projects concerning natural gas, telecommunications as well as waste collection and management.

Edil Hellas has maintained a lengthy association with gas supplier EPA Thess for the construction and expansion of gas networks in the Thessaloniki and Thessaly areas.

The application submitted by Edil Hellas comes amid a growing interest by small-to-medium sized private firms to tap gas market opportunities.